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A Blockchain is used by Automobile eWallet to Enable New Technology

German auto engineering firm ZF Friedrichshafen AG, all along with the annoy Innovation Hub and Swiss banking giant UBS lately announced that they have put together block chain-based automobile eWallet and preparation to field-test with the eWallet in 2017. When there is no reveal of a cryptocurrency, “users can transfer money through online from PC or from mobile app.”

HPC Technology Rules Green500 in Next Generation

Green500 list of super computers has established that top most super computers have made more increase in energy efficiency in last few months. Basically due to existence of new technologies which incorporate some advantage of most recent semiconductor technology in the HPC, as innovative processors from NVIDIA and Intel start to enter the top systems

IBM is making a new mainframe and it’s for the midmarket

The zEnterprise 114 is positioned as a mainframe for the lots to a degree. IBM’s latest mainframe starts below US$75,000 creating it its most cheap models within the z line-up. The effort aims to assist users handle the proliferation of business processes and applications that the corporate says is popping its System z mainframe into

WD Arkeia Software for Hybrid Cloud Backup

Western Digital has come up with a new version of WD Arkeia i.e. 10.2 which is a network backup software designed to provide a hybrid cloud backup solution for small to medium sized businesses. The software provides Progressive duplication, which makes the copies of particular backups to and from the cloud without needing for the

What is Keychain on iPhone?

Yesterday, iPhone and iPad users were facilitated with a software update for removing nasty bugs the platform was troubled by, as well as for adding extra functionality to Apple’s mobile OS. With the up-gradation of iOS 7.0.3, iPhone and iPad users got access to a feature known as iCloud Keychain. What is iCloud Keychain? iCloud

How to Take Care of Your SSD?

As SSDs are booming more than HDDs in hardware market, lot of debates and confusions are raising regarding maximizing SSD performance and increasing the SSD life. Most of the new SSD buyers are same previous HDD users who wants to follow the same maintenance steps for their new drives. Unfortunately, the same maintenance tips for

Windows 10 Vs OS X El Capitan

Microsoft says Windows 10 is new and familiar i.e. it’s a do-over for people who didn’t like Windows 8. In fact, Windows 10 excels Apple’s upcoming OS X El Capitan in terms of multitasking and personal assistance. Its not that El Capitan isn’t not up to the mark for Mac owners as it consists of

GoPro Hero 4 VS Sony

The Sony 4K Action Cam is basically a change for its predecessors, which all had the same basic shape. They’re sleek and streamlined but also bad because Sony’s cams are pretty tall and larger than GoPro’s little bricks. Physically, the stereo microphones flank the f/2.8 Zeiss Tessar lens along with a black and white LCD

Create Partition in External Hard Drive Mac

Divide and conquer As soon as you buy a new hard drive, you first tend to connect it to your Mac and start copying files to the new drive. But, it is better to partition the hard drive first. When you partition your hard drive, you are actually dividing its storage space into sections. For