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Technique to Fix QuickTime Error “This Not a Movie File”

When I try to play the movie file on QuickTime players then I get QuickTime error the file is not a movie file on your Windows OS pc. This error is mainly for two reasons: issue with QuickTime player or issue with the movie file. Now, let me explain you the reason for QuickTime error

Technique to Repair QuickTime Error 8971

When your QuickTime player gets damage or video file gets corrupted due to some reason then when you play video file you get QuickTime error 8971 on your Windows OS. We can easily fix QuickTime error 8971 by making use of third party repair tool which can repair the QuickTime file effectively. Now, we get

Solution to Solve QuickTime Error 23132 with M4V Files

When you play M4V file in QuickTime player after upgrading your system to latest Windows 10 OS you face error 23132 in QuickTime player but we can repair QuickTime error 23132 with M4V file issue easily by using Remo Repair MOV tool on your Windows 10 OS. Why we need to use Remo Repair MOV

How to Solve QuickTime File Green Screen Issue in Mac

Which is the best tool to fix the issues of QuickTime file on Mac device? When your QuickTime file gets corrupted, damaged or broken then you see green screen when you play the video file on your Mac OS X at that situation you can utilise Remo Repair MOV software on your device. When you

Corrupt GoPro Footage Repair Application

How your GoPro footage get corrupted on your Windows system: GoPro video file needs to be played in appropriate video player, if in case you try to play them on unsupported video player then it damages your GoPro footage so that you cannot able to play them on your Windows video player due to corrupt

Tool to Repair Corrupt Videos on Mac OSX

In this era, the videos play a vital role in everyone’s life as it provides entertainment, knowledge and many more. These videos are imposed in several file formats like MOV, MP4, M4V, etc. with different audio and visual quality. Nowadays, it has become so easy to download one’s favorite video clip in any format from

Efficient Tool to Repair Unplayable MPEG-4 Video File

“Hei there! Recently my computer hard drive got crashed where all my favorite MPEG video file collection was stored. I could extract the files somehow from it but with that incident, I am left with most of my videos unplayable in any supportive Windows multimedia player. I tried all the possible measures to make it

Repair Damaged QuickTime File

QuickTime movies on Windows computer often refuse to get played when they are corrupt, damaged or broken because of some several reasons. When the QuickTime video files get corrupted, the video file structure mainly gets damaged and generates error while trying to play QT movies or sometimes the videos won’t get played at all. Even

How to Fix Movie Files on Mac??

Digital media is booming and along with that many other digital media files are coming up day by day. One such very popular media files used in Macintosh operating system is the MOV file format. MOV is a common multimedia container file format developed by Apple.MOV file contains video, audio, text, effects, 3D, 2D, animations

Fix Corrupt MP4 Video Mac

“I am fond of watching music videos and like always, this time also I downloaded a video in MP4 format on my Mac system. But when I opened it in media player, it denied to open. Instead I got an error message that the video file is corrupted. I don’t understand why is it not