Technique to Fix QuickTime Error “This Not a Movie File”

When I try to play the movie file on QuickTime players then I get QuickTime error the file is not a movie file on your Windows OS pc. This error is mainly for two reasons: issue with QuickTime player or issue with the movie file. Now, let me explain you the reason for QuickTime error on Windows system.

Reason for QuickTime error “This is not movie file”:

When you are installing or updating the QuickTime video player on Windows system, if you face interruption such as system shutdown, network connectivity issue or accidentally terminating the updating process then your QuickTime player gets damage so that you face an error message saying “this is not a movie file” when you play the MOV file on QuickTime player.

Whenever you play the MOV file, try to play them on appropriate video player, if in case you play the MOV file on unsupported video player then your MOV file header gets damage so that when you play the movie file on QuickTime player you get an error message on your pc.

When you are transferring the movie file from one device to another if some problem arises like external storage device gets eject suddenly, system restart then your  movie file gets corrupted due to incomplete transfer process so that you cannot able to play the movie file on QuickTime player.

Above mentioned scenarios are some reasons for QuickTime error “this is not a movie file”, but this issue can be easily fixed by making use of Remo Repair MOV tool and its repair steps on your Windows Os pc.

What is the advantage of using Remo Repair MOV tool on Windows?

When you cannot able to play the movie file on QuickTime player and facing error on Windows then you can make use of this application to fix the movie file issue on Windows system. Application can easily repair the MOV and MP4 file issues such as broken header, damaged or corrupted MOV file by following simple repair steps on your system. Software has the ability to browse the movie files which are present in external storage devices such as Memory card, Flash drive, and External hard drive, so on. Once the repair of movie file is done successfully later you can play those movie file in any video player without any errors and tool is compactable on all versions of Windows so that user without any difficulty can perform repair of MOV file in any versions of Windows. After the successful completion of repair, using preview button user can view and check whether the movie file error has been fixed correctly before saving them on storage path. Software is available with the GUI, with the help of this user can perform repair of movie file without any technical knowledge. Finally, highly trained technical support team will be online 24/7 to guide user whenever they face issue or come up with queries about the repair of MOV file on Windows Os pc.