What are RAT and How It Can Be Prevention, Detection, and Removed?

RAT (Remote Access Trojans) is always a big risk when it comes to just playing a prank with a friend or hijacking a computer to this world. RAT is a hateful application that allows the operator to attack a PC and increase unauthorised remote access to it. RAT was been a year for here and also they find some RAT is too difficult task for modern Antivirus application.4

Remote Access Trojans

The largest part of RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is downloaded in emails, web links and unauthorised program which take you nowhere. Remote Access Trojan is not only the simple link likes Keylogger programs but also they provide hackers with more capabilities like:

Screen capture: To see what is going on your pc we obtain the screenshot.

Overclocking: Over clocking might harm the system hardware components and burn them to ashes when attackers increase the processing speed.

Key logging: you can monitor the usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information could be recovered by your key stockers.

Administration rights: attackers might modify registry values, change any settings and also do any things to your computer without your permission.

How will the Remote Access Trojans work

RAT (Remote Access Trojans) comes up with the server client configuration where we can covertly install the server on your computer and client can be access the computer through command interface or GUI. Link between the client and server is accessed on specific port and plain communication or encrypted can happen in client and server.

Remote Access Trojans attacks the Prevention

Remote Access Trojans makes their way separate to pc from email maliciously programmed application or RAT comes with a pack of some other application or software. You need to install the pc with a good and effective antivirus program which powerfully detects and remove the RATs. Finding the RATs is more difficult task as their names are installed randomly that looks like some other common application and you need to have a better antivirus application.

After the attack of RAT

When you came to know that you have been attacked the first thing you need to do is disconnect your pc from internet connection and if your network is connected. Change all the sensitive information like your password and also verify whether your account is compressed using any other computer.  Check for your bank account transaction and inform the bank people about the Trojan in your pc. Scan the entire pc and remove the RATs.  You can also try for the back track and know who was behind the track but you need to take the help of professional. You can remove the RATs once when they are detected or you can freshly install the Windows to remove it of complete.